• Made by sky 5 years ago
    Enable parameters to be passed from a client website to the rhythm.

    On the rhythm update page:
    Include a section that allows for new parameters to be defined.
    Just the name and a description field for now - they will all be strings.

    Adapt the protocol to allow for parameters to be passed to rhythms. The rhythm js should use .toString() before attaching them to prevent code injection.
    The algorithm will be able to use the parameter via BabblingBrook..user_params.

    Create a reusable client js module for entering parameters:
    Pass the rhythm url to it to create an instance.
    It fetches the param details via a InfoRequest to a new info action.
    Display the name and a textbox for each param with a popup help icon for the description.
    On clicking a 'done' button, store the options in local storage - and the client DB and pass them to a callback.
    constructor also accepts an object of prefilled params to display on the form and an instance id that can be used to store multiple sets of params against the same rhythm.
    • Client domain
    • Database
    • Info domain
    • Javascript
    • PHP
    • Protocol
    • Store domain
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