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    Welcome to Cobalt Cascade and the Babbling Brook network. This post provides a few pointers on where to start.

    Cobalt Cascade has been designed to help you become familiar with Babbling Brook features. It is primarily aimed at developers who might be interesting in creating a site that uses Babbling Brook and the generally curious who like to look at something new. It is a little more complex than most social networking sites (It has to be, in order to show all the possibilities), most Babbling Brook sites will be simpler than this one, using just a subset of the possible features to create something you are probably more familiar with.

    Users post links to stuff, or they write something. Other users then vote, and this influences who sees which posts.

    Posts are submitted into different topics, called streams. The list of streams you are currently subscribed to is found just under the main logo at the top of the page.

    Head over to the chat stream to say hello to other users and talk about anything you want. This is a good place to ask for help if you are not sure what to do. Feedback is very welcome, please post it in the feedback stream. If there is a feature you really want to see implemented then go to the feature requests stream. Checkout what being worked on in the tasks stream. Is something broken? Report bugs by clicking on the 'report bug' in the top right. You can then view the current status of the bug in the bugs stream. Ruminate on the practical and philosophical implications of Babbling Brook in the babbling brook stream. Talk meta about Cobalt Cascade in the cobalt cascade stream.

    Getting the hang of it? Want to talk about something else? Find more streams to subscribe to - click more and then 'edit streams' on the stream bar. Can't find a stream you want, why not make your own stream - click on streams at the top of the page.

    Rhythms sort your data. They work behind the scenes to decide who you are connected to in the network and what you see on the page. You can select which sort rhythm to use in a stream on the right hand side.

    Keep an eye on the suggestions box at the top of the page, new streams and rhythms will appear here for you to subscribe to.

    Can you code? Make your own rhythms to sort the data - click on rhythms at the top of the page. When you publish your rhythms they will populate though the network using your kindred rhythm.

    For a full overview of site features, check out the about page or click on the tutorial link at the top to be guided through them.