• creating a stream help window
    Made by jacekpoleszak 4 years ago
    help window would not disappear and there's no way of closing it, it remained open on the second (confirmation) page too
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    Google Chrome on Windows
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    • Made by jacekpoleszak 4 years ago
      if there are two windows it would be useful to make it pop out with onclick (active) action to change its visibility priority (now I ended up having a tutorial window on and help window always goes underneath it and as for now, it does not disappear even if I try to close tutorial and change and reload pages)
      • Made by sky 4 years ago
        I've fixed both these issues. Thanks for your help.
      • Made by sky 4 years ago
        Thanks Jacek. I'll look into that. Seems like the tutorial window is somehow overiding the click event for the help window. I had hoped to avoid ever having more than one popup active. It is just confusing for most users. But it is inevitable with the tutorial. I'll look into giving them focus. I'm using jQueryUI and it looks like it should be easy to do. http://api.jqueryui.com/dialog/#method-moveToTop