• Made by mattcarmic 4 years ago
    HI Sky - I found the tutorial generally very clear and simple to follow. Each step was just right - not too much info at once, with the option to stop at any time. Explanations are very clear, and the instruction for each quest also pitched perfectly for someone like me - a 41 year old non-techie who uses computers a lot. A couple of little thoughts: 1) Near the end there was a task to join "tutorial spam" ring. This was the only point where I felt confused. What would this ring do? Is the title of the ring anything to do with what it is set up for? Would this ring only be able to administrate things in the tutorial? Would its sole purpose be to find and delete spam? So at that point I knew I was practising joining a ring, but unclear as to why I would be doing so if it was real life. 2) I love words (I'm a high school English teacher and a writer) but not being a techie, towards the end of the tutorial I felt just about at my limit of new vocabulary. In one way, I think this shows you've pitched the tutorial just right - because when I got to my limit, the tutorials ended. On the other hand I wondered whether others might struggle before that stage. I don't know if any of your terms are in common usage in other protocols, in which case techies might find this easier. Also, if I have a gap of a week or two before I'm able to return to the site to play/practise then I might easily forget what some of the terms mean. My suggestion is that somewhere on cobalt cascade site, or even as part of babbling brook, there is some kind of glossary available. It could be in the form of a question mark you click on under each term, or under a help button in the top banner, perhaps, where you could type in a term and get a reminder of the definitions which are so clearly explained in the tutorial. Anyway, now I shall play around a bit...! :-)
    • Made by sky 4 years ago
      Thanks for the feedback Matt. It means a lot to me that an English teacher found my explanations clear; I struggle with words more than I do with code. I'll go over the tutorial about rings with your thoughts in mind. Rings in Babbling Brook are groups of users working together. Ultimately in many different ways, but in that specific tutorial I am showing you how to join a ring in order to help remove spam and inappropriate content. I suspect that others will struggle before the end. When I started this project I thought the hardest part would be abstracting the many different aspects of social networking into reusable components, but I am finding it is far harder to explain what those components are to a lay audience. I thought inventing a few terms would help with this as there an none generic enough for my means, but I can see that it can become difficult to remember them. I am thinking of breaking the tutorial up and stopping the first one before the tutorial on joining a ring. Then adding several more detailed ones to help introduce users to the more complex topics such as managing rings and creating streams and rhythms. There is a glossary on the about page (link in the top nav bar). Maybe I should point that out at the end of the tutorial.