About Cobalt Cascade

Cobalt Cascade is an alpha implementation of the exciting new Babbling Brook protocol.

Babbling Brook is a new social networking protocol that decentralises your data and is designed from the ground up to enable an emergently complex social order. Visit babblingbrook.net to read more about the platform and how it works.

Cobalt Cascade is a testing ground for the protocol. It is designed as a tree based forum and link aggregation platform with some built in task management features to facilitate the development of the protocol.

The best way to learn about the site is to sign up and follow the tutorials but if you want an overview, then read on.


Central to Babbling Brook are suggestions. These are features of the network that the system thinks you might be interested in.

You will see suggestions for all aspects of the Babbling Brook network and are the main method for finding new content and users.

The algorithms (computer programs) that derive the suggestions are fully controllable by the user (See the rhythms section below).


All social data in Babbling Brook is organised into streams.

Streams contain the posts that users have made.


Users make content by creating posts.

The format of the post is defined by the stream it is posted in. It might be a link, a comment, an image or something more complex such as a survey questionnaire.


All posts in the Babbling Brook network can be taken. On Cobalt Cascade this is represented primarily by voting using the up and down arrows next to a post title.

There are additional ways that posts can be taken, such as stars, buttons and textfields. The ability to take a post can even be made conditional on an algorithm (see the rhythms section below).

Takes lie at the heart of the Babbling Brook network. they are used to calculate relationships between the users, which in turn effects the content that users see.


Rhythms control what data you see when browsing a Babbling Brook website. For example, by changing a streams sort rhythm, the posts you see will be prioritised by that rhythm.

Another important rhythm is your kindred rhythm. It decides which other users are close to you in the Babbling Brook network and is used by further rhythms to decide what posts you see in streams, which features to suggest to you and even if you are allowed to make or take posts in a particular stream.

Rhythms will be suggested to you, but they can also be edited on the 'Settings' page.

Anyone who can write in JavaScript can create a new rhythm, click on the Rhythms link in the top nav bar. See the Babbling Brook documentation for details.

Datastores and Users

Everything in the Babbling Brook network has a home domain. The domain for this site is cobaltcascade.net.

All content in the Babbling Brook network is owned by a user and all users have a home store domain.

When you are viewing some content, you can click on the creators name to go their profile.

The profile page is a combination of information submitted by the user and a report of what your network thinks of this user.


Rings allow users to group together for specific purposes.

Rings are also users and can do everything that a user can do.

An important use of rings is as a moderation filter for streams. For example they are used as a spam filter.

An user can create a ring and they can be connected together in hierarchies to allow for complex relationships.

Membership of rings is not always open to everyone, and you may need to apply for membership, however subscription to a rings filters is always open.

Private Posts

Babbling Brook is both a public and a private network. You can make private posts to other users.