This site is no longer being actively maintained. The SSL certificate expired so https is disabled. It is mostly in a working state bar a few glitches. Feel free to look around.

Your username is a combination of this sites name and your chosen name and looks like an email address. (In the future you will be able to use it as one.) E.G. yourusername@cobaltcascade.net

This enables you to connect to your Datastore on any site that uses the Babbling Brook network.

If you already have a username from another site on the Babbling Brook network then you do not need to sign up, just log in with that username.


Your email is only used for password recovery and opt-in features. If another Babbling Brook site requests use of your email address you will be informed before you log onto their site.

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Internet Explorer
If your preferred browser is Internet Explorer then you will need to upgrade to at least version 10. However, this version is not available on Windows XP.